Author Topic: Third Public Beta of Photo Mechanic 4.5  (Read 13547 times)

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Third Public Beta of Photo Mechanic 4.5
« on: March 31, 2007, 09:40:49 PM »
Hello Everyone,

The third public beta of Photo Mechanic 4.5 for Mac OS X and Windows is now available here.

Windows users: we recommend that you uninstall the previous 4.5 version before installing this version.

• Added support for Leica RAW files.
• Added support for Panasonic RAW files.
• Improved working of the "Never" option for keeping edits in XMP/IPTC metadata.
• Fixed problem with Info Tooltips on the Windows version.
• Fixed a problem with the Color Class keyboard shortcuts on the Mac OS X version.
• XML and Text export have been moved into the new Export dialog which can now export HTML, XML and Text data.
• Improved keyboard navigation in Exporter templates on the Mac OS X version.
• Improved Windows Vista support.
• Added preference for choosing whether the single key shortcuts work for Color Class or for 5-star ratings.
• Added fix for moving photos to Trash on the Mac OS X version.  It should work better on systems that were having problems.
• Text rendering is now serialized on the Mac OS X version.  Hopefully this fixes the slow performance experienced on some systems.
• Custom Sort dialog now supports multiple "sort slots" which allow you to have several (10 in all) custom sorts that you can have quick access to from the Sort popup menu in the toolbar.  Sample custom sorts are available from a popup menu in the Custom Sort edit dialog.

Everyone: please post feedback in the Support Forum.


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