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Yet more Fuji oddness
« on: April 17, 2019, 04:17:45 PM »
Photo Mechanic (Photo Mechanic Version 6.0, build 2818 (66ae7fc) for Mac) isn't reading Artist and Copyright data embedded in the Exif by my Fujifilm X100F. Judging by ExifTool output, it looks like the Fuji is writing the data to the file in more or less the correct place, but Photo Mechanic isn't reading it.

Here's the output from a Fuji frame and a Nikon one:

Code: [Select]
Carls-MacBook-Pro-2:PM6_demo carl$ exiftool -a -G1 DSCF1597.JPG | grep CARL
[IFD0]         Artist                         : CARL SEIBERT
[IFD0]         Copyright                       : COPYRIGHT CARL SEIBERT
[IFD1]          Artist                          : CARL SEIBERT
Carls-MacBook-Pro-2:PM6_demo carl$ exiftool -a -G1 _DSC9345.nef | grep Carl
[IFD0]          Artist                         : Carl Seibert
[IFD0]          Copyright                       : (c) Copyright Carl Seibert
[ExifIFD]       User Comment                    : (c)Carl Seibert

Weirdly, Photo Mechanic can "see" the data for the purposes of overwriting it if a template is applied over it.

Here's before and after applying templated data on a Fuji file. Notice that the Fuji-written Exif fields are overwritten as expected. (Note all caps changing to the mixed case from the template.)

Code: [Select]
Carls-MacBook-Pro-2:PM6_demo carl$ exiftool -a -G1 DSCF1594.JPG | grep CARL
[IFD0]         Artist                         : CARL SEIBERT
[IFD0]        Copyright                      : COPYRIGHT CARL SEIBERT
[IFD1]          Artist                          : CARL SEIBERT
Carls-MacBook-Pro-2:PM6_demo carl$ exiftool -a -G1 DSCF1594.JPG | grep Carl
[IFD0]         Artist                         : Carl Seibert
[IFD0]         Copyright                   : © 2019 Carl Seibert
[IPTC]          By-line                         : Carl Seibert
[IPTC]          Credit                          : Carl Seibert
[IPTC]          Caption-Abstract                :      Photo by Carl Seibert
[IPTC]          Copyright Notice                : © 2019 Carl Seibert
[XMP-photoshop] Credit                          : Carl Seibert
[XMP-dc]        Description                     :      Photo by Carl Seibert
[XMP-dc]        Creator                         : Carl Seibert
[XMP-dc]        Rights                          : © 2019 Carl Seibert
[XMP-plus]      Image Creator Name              : Carl Seibert
[XMP-plus]      Copyright Owner Name            : Carl Seibert

(For those wondering, Photo Mechanic will overwrite those Exif fields only if it detects data in them. If Photo Mechanic couldn't see some data there, it wouldn't write anything in those fields. Which, by the way, is really cool functionality. A big shout out to whoever wrote it into Photo Mechanic!)

ON1 RAW, Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, and Capture One all were able to read the Fuji-written data. The behavior seemed to be the same on JPEGs and RAFs. The X100F is the only Fuji I have at hand. I don't know what's up with any of their other models.

Here's a link to a sample file:

Photo Mechanic users who follow workflow best practices - like faithful readers of my blog, for instance - won't really be affected. Their templates should take care of everything. But this still seems to be an issue, if not of the highest priority.