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+1 on list view

3 years later, still no list view? Unfortunately I have to move from the my beloved Media Pro…
I use to work a lot with list view in Media pro an Aperture. In Capture One it's still basic with EXIF meta data only.

@Kirk any plans to add this useful feature any soon?

Kirk Baker:

--- Quote from: phrank on April 16, 2022, 12:19:56 AM ---@Kirk any plans to add this useful feature any soon?

--- End quote ---

No, not soon.  I'd like to add a list view in the next major release.


@Kirk, thanks for your fast reply. It's great to get fast honest responses here – compared to other forums. Makes me confident to use Photo Mechanic in the future.

As said i some other posts here, I really need to switch to another Digital Asset Management software. So far, compared to my other used DAM software, there are a few missing/always used features I really need for my workflow.

Photo Mechanic is great for the fast import and culling work, but in Digital Asset Management…
Looking forward for the major update. I will still test it and try to give some input. Happy easter.


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