Author Topic: Quick way to "Open Catalog" to place desired.  (Read 1930 times)

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Quick way to "Open Catalog" to place desired.
« on: August 29, 2020, 10:45:49 AM »
If I am away from USING  the catalog for a while, I totally forget how to just “open the catalog.” (For me, the PRIMARY reason for using PM6+ is for the Catalog.  Others will be using it who don't care about all the other fantastic things PM does, but just want to access things in the catalog)

I am using a Mac.  There needs to be a programmable HUGE BRIGHT COLORED button (Bigger than “Organizer” &  “Navigator” buttons) that opens the catalog to the window one usually uses when accessing the catalog.  This could be programmed in Preferences as different people use a catalog in different ways.  In my case, my wife says, “how do I find all my grandson’s pictures in 2010”  Hitting this programmed button would then take her DIRECTLY to the IPTC field “Keywords” As it is now, I think one needs to drill down FIVE levels after opening the application! 

Actually, I would think most people would have one frequent purpose in consulting the catalog, so that should be able to be programmed into one very prominent button for the neophyte USING the catalog --not those of us who are building and maintaining it.

Alternatively, a choice "Open Catalog>:" could be added in the FILE menu after "Open Recent"  with choices there in a contextual menu that can be programed in preferences.