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Metadata (IPTC) Templates with GEO Data

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I miss the GPS / Geo metadata info for Metadata Templates. Aperture and Lightroom were able to store them in the Presets.

Kirk Baker:

--- Quote from: phrank on April 28, 2022, 11:32:22 PM ---I miss the GPS / Geo metadata info for Metadata Templates. Aperture and Lightroom were able to store them in the Presets.

--- End quote ---

You'll have to explain more.  It's not possible for me to create a feature I don't yet understand.


Hi Kirk,
just add some extra fields in the Metadata (IPTC) Template for Latitude and Longitude.
Same like in the "Set GPS Coordinates". Maybe a "From Clipboard" function as well.
Or, just link them together.

Maybe an extra pulldown with all Locations in"Set GPS Coordinates" window, so you can combine these data directly in this window.

I just wonder once you have added all the location and geo metadata, why iI have to do it again and again…

One more thing. You got an a Keywords Panel and Structured Keywords Panel.
Why is there no Metadata Template Panel? Structured as well. I can do this via my Mac's Finder, but prefer if I can stay inside Photo Mechanic.

Gary D.:
I’ld like to second the vote for the ability to set the GPS coordinates in the Metadata Template so they can be applied to a set of images. 

I like using the reverse GEO lookup  in the metadata template.  My current today for a set of images is to first go through and use the Image-> Set GPS coordinates  to set the coordinates. Then go into the Image->Metadata Template, to set my headline and other fields, with the Reverse lookup globes on the event location turned on. Apply the template to the set of  images.

If Im Ingesting the images off a storage card Im:
1 setting the Metadata Template,
2 Ingesting,
3 Setting the GPS coordinates,
4  then applying a meta data template again, with just the reverse lookup turned on.

It would be nice to do that in one step, especially from the Ingest dialog. 

As an added bonus feature it would be a help to choose a reference image to grab the coordinates from. With the exception of my cell phone I don’t use the GPS that is built into my cameras.  (Too slow and chews up battery life).   So I’ll typically take a picture with my cell phone to get correct time and coordinates, and then shoot with my camera.
After I ingest all the images. I’ll use the Set GPS Coordinates, select the reference cell phone image and apply to all the others.

- Gary

If you are looking for a sophisticated management of the geotagging metadata you should consider GraphicConverter. You can easily copy from one picture the GPS or the geotagged location or both and apply them immediately to the pictures you want. It is absolutely brilliant.


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