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Smart Collections feature status?


Thinking about upgrading from PM to PM+ but wondering about the status of a Smart Collection-type of feature? The doc for PM+ says it isn't a 'current' feature - is it coming, planned, still a ways off...?

There is currently no feature called "Smart Collections" but it may be possible that Photo Mechanic Plus can already achieve what you are trying to do. For example, the button to the right of the Quick Search and Filter controls lets you create a snapshot of your Search or Filter (respectively) that you can bring up at any time. So if you'd want your Smart Collection to be all your images with the keyword "sky", you could put "keywords sky" and then choose the snapshot button and save your search. Every time you load that snapshot of the search you'll see every item that meets the criteria (and of course you could do this with more complex searches

Hope that helps, let us know what specific capability you'd want to see in a Smart Collections feature.


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