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Select images in Navigator that haven't been catalogued (status = no colour)


Currently when I have created a new jpeg/tiff within a folder that is already catalogued, I have to go into Navigator, select it and click CMD CTRL A to add it to my catalog (which I have already selected), or right click etc.

What I'd really like to do, is work on a particular folder, and afterwards select all of the images that haven't been catalogued yet and add them in. So I would like a way to select all of the images which do not have a green or yellow status within that folder, and then be able to catalog them in one action.

I know I can sync the folder, but it may be over 1000 images and I may only want to add 10 or so and they may be spread around the folder, so currently I'm trying to remember to do it on a one by one basis.

I've looked and can't see any way to do this currently.

Kirk Baker:
The "Select Missing" command on the Edit menu will select items that have the yellow indicator on them.

We'll have to add a "Select Uncataloged" command as well.


Yes I know it's sort of working backwards, but I was hoping since the status colour is there, it may perhaps be easy to add it in, and I'd find it so useful.
I can see as a user, we would have to make sure we have the right catalog selected, for it to work.

Keep up the good work. The more I use Photo Mechanic Plus, the more I love it.


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