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Easy fix to make life better - remembering Catalog state



I reckon I've spent an extra thousands of clicks per year with this one.
Would it please be possible for PM to remember the state of the tree for the catalog?

So if we have open the folder path to 2023>projects>example project.

The next time we open PM, that folder path is still open?

Currently we have to navigate the entire directory over and over again which comes to a pain when using PM oftn several times a day to issue files.

Thanks  :D

I have restore contact sheets from last session ticked this opens up my last contact sheet/s I was working on.

No, it's not that - it's the state of the "tree" for the catalog.

I don't know why it collapses, but I'm doing thousands of extra clicks a year. It shouuld be a simple fix for the devs..

IMO folder path state should be retained per PM session, especially for the catalog as the point of the catalog is browse saved images.


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