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Any word on Photo Mechanic 7

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I was just curious what the status is on Photo Mechanic 7. Is it under development? Any word on when it might release and what changes we can look forward to?

Max Lemesh:
Hopefully it will happen before PM loses relevance and all of the competitors catch up function wise. Hopefully way before that

I love this program, for me its the captioning and preview speed. I hope that we will see a Universal version soon along with an updated GUI. Either way I will still use it, and it performs just as well on Silicon as it does on Intel, which is a testament to its programming.


--- Quote from: jgrove on July 23, 2023, 04:10:39 AM ---along with an updated GUI

--- End quote ---

What improvements would you like to see with respect to the UI?

Not so much improvement and badly worded on my part, I very much look forward to a native universal version.


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