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Crop settings problem
« on: July 03, 2006, 07:43:12 AM »
Excuse if this has been covered before, I did a search and found nothing here on it.

I have a problem with the crop settings holding from one preview window to another.
In preferences I have the default crop type set to Constrained. (the ratio is 8x6 BTW)

Ok lets see if I can explain this correctly.
I’m browsing thru a contact sheet and select a photo for cropping / editing, etc... Preview window comes up and I click the crop button. The crop settings are automatically selected (constrained 8x6, ok... that works like it should), crop my photo then close the preview window. Browse thru the contact sheet some more, pick another photo for cropping / editing etc... Preview window comes up the crop button is selected but the settings are wrong... it’s set to normal...?? :-\

Is this normal for the crop function? I never ran into this before, then again I was doing things a bit different in PM then I normally do so I’m not sure. It’s not really a big problem just a bit more I have to remember to check and make sure the constrained is checked before I start cropping.

Funny thing, if I unselect the crop button before closing the preview window the next time I open the preview window the settings hold. ???

P.S. info
System is : PC (P4)
OS: Windows XP - sp2
PM ver:

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