Author Topic: Checkbox to select image stops working  (Read 3816 times)

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Checkbox to select image stops working
« on: February 20, 2008, 06:55:06 AM »
I can't find a reference to this problem, but I know of at least one other person experiencing the same thing.

1. Open a new contact sheet tab
2. Double click an image to bring up the preview window

At this point there will be a checkbox in the lower right of the window, used to tag the file.  I have noticed on both windows and Mac that after doing tagging for a while (maybe 10 minutes), it can take up to 5 clicks on that checkbox before PM registers that a click has occurred, and marks the checkbox.  Very frustrating, as it means I have to look at the checkbox to make sure when I click, it is actually selected.

Is there a work around for this?