Author Topic: Photo Mechanic 4.4 Manual now available  (Read 16361 times)

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Photo Mechanic 4.4 Manual now available
« on: July 17, 2006, 12:19:37 PM »
Hello Everyone,

We now have a reasonable manual available for download.  Because Photo Mechanic is constantly under development the manual is unlikely to be completely in sync with the latest version of Photo Mechanic.  That said, this manual should go a long way toward getting new users up to speed and will reveal powerful details of Photo Mechanic features to the old hands among us.

The current manual is for the Mac version, but most of the manual pertains to the Windows version directly.  A Windows-specific version will also be released in the future.

You can get the manual here: Photo Mechanic 4.4 Manual

Please take a look at it and give us feedback on the Discussion forums.  We would like to know if you want more detail about specific features, more screenshots, more workflow discussion, etc.  Or less of anything as well.  Also let us know if we left anything out.