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Photo Mechanic 4.6.1 public beta 5
« on: April 17, 2009, 06:51:46 AM »
Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the fifth public beta version of Photo Mechanic 4.6.1.  This new version addresses a number of issues that were discovered after the release of Photo Mechanic 4.6.

Download the Mac OS X version here.
Download the Windows version here.

Not all problems have been addressed in this version.  Some issues with a few of the Uploader templates remain.

Version Information

Version 4.6.1

* Fixed an issue where Tagging, Color Class, and Rating would not "stick" depending on the file format and IPTC/XMP preferences settings.
* Fixed an issue where the Tag, Color Class, and Rating would "stick" when editing a photo in an external editor (such as Photoshop) when the user's Files Preferences for "Add tag, color class, and rating to IPTC/XMP" was set to "Never".
* When extracting JPEGs from RAW files that have GPS coordinates, fixed the formatting of the GPS "reference" tags for latitude (N, S), longitude (E, W), altitude (above/below sea level), and speed.  Some sites such as Flickr and SmugMug weren't recognizing these reference tags the way they were being written.
* Live Ingest tasks now maintain a private copy of the IPTC Stationery Pad so it will remain consistent throughout the live ingest process.
* Fixed setting of path for Live Ingest snapshots.
* (Mac) Fixed an issue where performing multiple sequential Ingests to the same destination folder would open the folder multiple times in different tabs.
* (Mac) Fixed an issue where a contact sheet viewing a server that was unmounted would cause the server to automatically remount.
* Most upload templates now support dual concurrent transfers for increased performance.
* For HTTP uploaders, fixed MIME multipart syntax to conform with RFC1521.
* Upload logs now expand variables in the upload path for FTP log entries.
* (Win) Fixed an issue where using the Uploader dialog from the Preview window would cause the Preview window to disappear until the upload started, reappearing shortly thereafter.
* The shortcut key (Option on Mac, Shift on Windows) to skip the Upload dialog is now functional for all uploaders.
* Stalled upload transfers can now be restarted.
* Added a preference to set the time delay before an upload is considered 'stalled.'
* Fixed issues where the destination folder path for FTP and SFTP uploads was not properly restored from snapshots or when using a dated folder in the connection setting.
* Added code to re-import FTP connection settings from version 4.5 or earlier preferences.
* Fixed Import Preferences issue when trying to import exported IPTC popup menu lists.
* Improved usefulness and robustness of Zenfolio uploader.  New galleries can be created.  Collections are not listed as Galleries.  Private and Locked Galleries can now be destinations for uploading.  Users can now create Galleries under specific Groups.  User quotas are now checked for enough space before uploading.
* Files uploaded to Exposure Manager are uploaded to the proper location instead of the 'root' of the user's account.
* Added ability to move image (logo) to edge when applying watermarks.
* Added option to 'Always update XMP Label when changing Color Class' to the Files tab of the Preferences dialog.
* Optimized Upload Status Indicator refreshing.  No longer updates more often than necessary to improve performance.
* Save As and FTP As using RAW file previews as a source now crops correctly based-upon the available JPEG preview.
* Save As dialog no longer has a long delay when starting the save operation.
* (Mac) Fixed 'move' option in Copy Photos dialog when moving photos from one drive to another; the photos were not being deleted from the source drive.
* JPEG size estimates are now more accurate when applying crops on RAW preview source images.
* Loupe mode in the Contact Sheet window now reserves enough space for 100% image and thumbnails that are on the screen (to prevent redrawing issues).  This may temporarily exceed the user's requested memory cache size during the viewing of the zoomed image.
* (Mac) Fixed a memory leak when adding Finder icons during Copy, Save As, or Ingest.
* The user is now prompted if they try to upload with the "Save copy of transmitted photos" option checked but the folder no longer exists on disk.
* Temporary files used in the Upload process are deleted after they are successfully uploaded.
* (Win) Resized various dialogs to fit better on "Netbook" computers with limited screen height.
* Fixed constrained cropping issues when dragging the crop outside of the preview area.
* (Mac) Fixed issue with Spotlight searches sometimes crashing when Spotlight returned results with empty paths.
* Send Photos via Email with RAW photos now uses the embedded JPEG dimensions properly.
* Send Photos via Email to a custom size now allows scaling to arbitrary aspect ratios.
* (Win) IPTC Word Lists are now imported from older versions of Photo Mechanic.
* The IPTC Info dialog now checks for changes when moving through photos (Prev/Next) and warns the user that there are unsaved changes.
* Applying the IPTC Stationery Pad no longer changes IPTC date in XMP, and the time zone data is no longer adjusted to be the computer's local time zone.
* Setting the time in IPTC Info dialog no longer adjusts time zone to be the computer's local time zone.
* Adjusting the IPTC time in the 'Adjust Capture Dates and Times' dialog no longer adjusts the time zone to be the computer's local time zone.
* The Apply checkbox for the Country Code combo box is now set to on when the Country Code field is changed in the IPTC Stationery Pad.
* Invalid filename characters are now filtered out when creating Snapshot names.
* Restoring Snapshots in the Save As dialog now handles changes in the box size units correctly.
* Using the Save As context menu in Contact Sheets with no photos selected now works with RAW files.
* Added ISO criteria to Search panel.
* Fixed a crash problem that could occur when clicking on the Auto button in the Import GPS Coordinates dialog when no GPS logs had been loaded.  The Auto button is now disabled until GPS logs have been loaded.
* (Mac) Fixed a crash problem that could occur when a large number of files are selected in the Finder and are dragged onto the Photo Mechanic application icon in the Dock.
* (Mac) Epson ERF RAW files from cameras that didn't include a JPEG preview now render on Mac OS X when supported.
* (Win) Fixed a bug where QuickTime was required to be installed to view Photoshop PSD files even though Photo Mechanic was using its own code for rendering PSD files.
* (Win) Fixed a resizing issue in Structured Keywords Find Results dialog.
* (Win) Fixed launching of built-in Help files.

If you have reported issues in the forums and this new beta version of Photo Mechanic 4.6.1 solves your issue, please post on your thread that the issue is fixed.  If your issue has not been fixed, please post on your thread that the issue still hasn't been solved.



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