Author Topic: 4.5.3 running slow / hanging  (Read 25209 times)

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Re: 4.5.3 running slow / hanging
« Reply #30 on: October 20, 2007, 09:22:16 AM »
The directory listing is of only 5-7MB JPEGs which should render very quickly especially if they're on a local hard disk.

I had a similar hangup problem. PM actad similarly but I didn't take the time to measure delays and I was aware that my system is old, and not properly maintained (despite usual installs and uninstalls no registry clean, no defragment etc). So about a week ago I took time to install a new system on a new drive and speed is way over the previous, and PM is really fast, no need to wait for it so long.

I have no such problems yet but could you tell me how to solv a similar virtual memory paging issue next time without the complete reinstall of the system?

There are two solutions:

1) Run fewer programs at the same time.
2) Buy more RAM.

PM was the same slow one when I started nothing else. So my third alternative (system install) is one of the solutions...

Quote from: szurkebarat
My other question has allready been answered in this forum but I cannot find it with the search engine. How can PM settings (all the snapshots, and dropdown menus) be transfered from one computer to the other? I remember the topic in which you answered it but am unable to find the entries and to recall the folder locations that need to be copied and what you wrote about some registry settings.

Thanks Kirk I was looking for this one!
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