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Photo Mechanic: Version 5 Build 13857
« on: March 21, 2013, 12:03:23 PM »
Hello Everyone,

A new build of Photo Mechanic 5 is now available.  This release fixes bugs present in build 13746.




√ Fixed a problem that occurred under various circumstances that would cause the current selection to change unintentionally.
√ Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would flicker when placed over text edit fields in the IPTC dialogs.
√ Fixed an issue in the Navigator that caused it to list no subfolders on disks when run on Windows Vista systems.
√ Fixed an issue where using Code Replacement in the Caption field of the IPTC dialogs would cause the font size to spontaneously change.
√ Fixed an issue where pasting styled text into the Caption field would result in inconsistent font sizes and font faces.  Now the clipboard text is pasted as plain text.
√ Favorites now works better with Shift-F10 or Context Menu key and uses the currently selected item as the source for the contextual menu.
√ Added keyboard navigation for switching between Contact Sheet tabs.  Ctrl-Right arrow will go to the next tab, and Ctrl-Left arrow will go to the previous tab.
√ Fixed a problem importing snapshots and template settings when path separators were not DOS-style.

√ Made the AP IPTC Info dialog resizable.  Made the AP Classic IPTC Info dialog shorter so it will fit on smaller screens.
√ Navigator no longer shows duplicate top-level items.
√ Single line text fields like the Renaming field in the Rename dialog now take multi-line clipboard pastes and only accept the first line.  This should reduce user confusion that sometimes occurs when multiple lines of text are pasted into a text field that is only capable of displaying a single line.
√ Made new versions of the Star Rating images and indicators that are much more like the ones from PM 4.6.x (the normal resolution images are the ones from PM 4.6.9 and the 2x versions for Retina displays are modeled after them.)

√ The Clear settings dialog accessible from the IPTC Info/Stationery Pad now shows user customized labels.
√ Moved PhotoShelter specific logic out of Photo Mechanic's core and into the PhotoShelter upload template.  It is now self-contained like virtually all of the other templates and can now be owned and updated by the PhotoShelter team.
√ GMT offsets are now calculated correctly when daylight savings time is being observed locally.