Author Topic: Structure of the Intellectual Genre filed in the IPTC Template  (Read 10463 times)

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Re: Structure of the Intellectual Genre filed in the IPTC Template
« Reply #15 on: March 13, 2020, 07:21:35 AM »

Just a quick addendum to my post.  There are 16 fields associated with Artwork or Objects. I can see 6 of these in my Template and, per my Table 2 in this discussion, 10 are missing. If I go to the Browse/Filter features of the Catalog, you are allowing searches on 9 of these variables. Of these 9, several are variables that are listed in my Table 2 of missing data under discussion. It is thus clear that the issue is really one of how the Artwork table shows up in the template, and not in the database.

Of these 16 variables, you do not search on 7. Of these, there are a couple that would be very helpful to have:  Date Created and/or Circ Date Created; and Source Inventory Number. 

If one photographs artwork in a museum, as I do regularly for academic purposes, when I prepare lectures I often need to find works from various dates. Sometimes I can get the correct image from the Style Period, but often a specific date is required.

They are searchable.  All of them.  They just are not browse-able or filter-able. 

Wouldn't you be able to quickly filter them based on the title of the artwork?

With regard to Inventory Number,  I almost always photograph the artwork caption which almost always gives the museum catalog/inventory number. Sometimes you need to be able to find an image by this number--for example, Monet painted the same scene many times (e.g., the cathedral at Rouen; his haystacks; his water lilies).  To sort out a particular image from one these sets, you may need to sort by Inventory number as most of these paintings are in different galleries. 

Wouldn't a filter based on the title, plus a filter based on the keywords get you there faster than a Source Inventory Number that doesn't mean anything to you at the time?  Are you really going to remember that the Source Inventory Number for Monet's water lilies better than the title and some good keywords?

Any chance you would consider adding at least one of the dates and the Source Inventory to the searchable list?

We expect virtually every piece of art to have a different Source Inventory Number and thus we don't make it browse-able or filter-able.  I suppose that the dates could be browse-able and filter-able, but they're free-form text and aren't a set date format but you certainly could see them visually.


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Re: Structure of the Intellectual Genre filed in the IPTC Template
« Reply #16 on: March 13, 2020, 12:40:49 PM »

Photo Mechanic Plus Version 6.0, build 4369 (4d5dbfa). So far as I know, this is the latest one you sent me after you turned off some of the data gathering things we used to find the previous issue.

Bob Hendricks