Author Topic: 'Favorite' folder disappears  (Read 5652 times)

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'Favorite' folder disappears
« on: August 08, 2006, 03:33:54 AM »
I guess there will be a

If there is going to be another maintenance release...I've noticed a small glitch with the current version.

I use a 'Favorite' which points to a folder on my CF cards, if I start PM without the card reader attached the favorite disappears from the 'Favorites' panel, I then have to dig through the 'Navigator' to find it again - which is a minor pain.

The 'Favorite' survives restarts and shutdowns, with or without the CF card mounted as long as the card reader is present. Unplug the card reader and it disappears once again.

It would be great if the chosen 'Favorite' could remain permanently in the panel regardless, as it does in the Mac version of PM.


NB: PM on a laptop running Windows XP Pro with a USB2 card reader.