Author Topic: Photo Mechanic + Lightroom - What happens to all the information entered into PM  (Read 10865 times)

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I'm not at the point of doing that yet - still trying to sort out the mistakes, little by little, in how I'm using PM.

I can say thought that if I'm going to edit infrared images in "Raw Therapee", I'm pretty certain they will be 'raw' files, not 'jpg'.  Otherwise, the other program name would be "Raw+JPG Therapee".    :-)

I would be happiest if I find a way to use PM to sort, and rename, and then send to Raw Therapee, but ideally my images and end results would be stored in my Lightroom database - probably under an upper-level folder named RT.  I haven't gotten that far yet with either PM or RT.  Whatever I do, I'd like it to be something obvious to me a year from now, even if I haven't used RT in all that time.

If I don't sort them out on my own, I'll post what my current "problems" and "suggestions" are.  I hate suggesting anything until I understand the program better.
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