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Kirk Baker:

--- Quote from: carlseibert on April 29, 2019, 04:11:33 PM ---So, I just stew at Adobe for doing such a silly thing in the first place. This certainly isn't the first time their zeal for a new feature has overrun contemplation and common sense. The XMP namespaces are chock a block with instances where they have done stuff in haste the rest of us have to struggle with for all eternity. (Or until we all migrate away from their products, whichever comes first. Like I said, sometimes they make my head explode. Sometimes, they're brilliant, but jeeez.)

--- End quote ---

Hear, hear!


Michael Naylor:
For years I've migrated my 20k images between Aperture, Lightroom, Capture One , Photo Supreme, Bridge, Media Pro and others several times as new versions were released.  Each and every time I had to spend days reworking the keywords and deleting duplicates.  I wished to only have a hierarchical list, although I do wonder if that is a good choice.  I'm currently back with Lightroom. They all had their problems, but I think Media Pro was the best - until it was discontinued with no hope for a 64bit version.

I'm retired now, so I do have the time for this, but I'm fed up to the teeth with false promises, buggy software and not being able to do what I need.  You see I've scanned every photo I have going back to before my parents were born, trying my best to figure out the WHO, WHERE & WHEN. The process is almost forensic, because those that could have helped are either too young to remember or dead.

It's a case of trying to guess someone's age, trying to recognise a location with the help of Google's satellite imagery, Wikipedia and pot-luck.  It might help if I could present all the photos I think I've dated on some kind of a linear time line, so I could slot in others where appropriate.  Almost all of the dates I've assigned are no more than a sloppy guess, but current applications don't implement fuzzy dates.

I'm ranting and frustrated with my progress and wish I'd never started, but I would like to finish this project before I die.  Then I won't be needing to post inappropriate contributions to forums like this.  Sorry.


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