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Photo Mechanic Plus Beta 14
« on: January 30, 2020, 03:39:51 PM »
Hello Everyone,

This is the thirteenth update to the Photo Mechanic Plus beta.  This beta is open to all Photo Mechanic 6 users.  We would appreciate you trying the beta of Photo Mechanic Plus and giving us your feedback and relay any bugs that you find to us.  Two new message boards have been created to discuss the beta.  Please do not discuss the beta on any of the other boards.  For support on the beta post in, and to request features, post in

Please note that the Photo Mechanic Plus Beta is not feature complete nor is it tuned for maximum performance.  Any catalogs you create may need to be updated if the underlying database format changes.

We invite you to be part of the development process.

Download links:



Public Beta 14 Release (R4257)

REQUIRED AFTER INSTALLATION: Optimizations were made to this Beta release requiring users to re-index existing catalogs. Search results will be inaccurate until the re-indexing operation is completed. To re-index a catalog, please follow instructions in the Catalog Maintenance section at the end of this document.

• Spotlight searches have been added back into Photo Mechanic 6.  The “Search my Mac” field is now above the Favorites, and the Search panel has returned.  Spotlight searches now occur on a background thread so searches that take more than a few seconds should no longer cause a busy cursor to appear (rainbow beach ball cursor).
• Fixed: (macOS Mojave) Contact sheet does not redraw when scrolling in Arrangement mode.

• Fixed: Installer should retry if blocked by AV software

• Added: Images returned by Catalog search/filter/browse can now be combined as RAW+JPEG.
• Added: Remove 'Refresh' button from Catalog-based Contact Sheet tabs.  Now the View by popup, Color Class filter, Rating filter, and Combine RAW+JPEG settings auto-refresh Catalog-based Contact Sheet tabs.
• Added: typedown searches in Filters that contain trees (Capture Time for example) now walk the tree via breadth-first search (processes all elements at a given level before going deeper) which should provide more natural results (expansion).
• Fixed: Item counts for <none> fields in Filters/Browse now also track fields that are empty, rather than only fields that are entirely missing. (E.g. when an IPTC field like Headline has no text, it will now be counted as <none>.)
• Fixed: Renaming while moving/copying HEIC files changes extension to HIC.
• Fixed: Memory management issue with HEIC files.  Each thumbnail/preview generated would leak significant amounts of memory.
• Fixed: PM Classic Basic Export Error: When the 'Include All index link' box is checked in the PM Classic Basic Export dialog, then an error message will open at the end of the creation process.
• Fixed: Burn Photos to Disc not evaluating {seqn} variable in Label field.
• Fixed: Allow RAW/RW2, RWL files to embed XMP like other TIFF-based RAW files.
• Fixed: Editing PNG images breaks ExifTool.
• Fixed: Remove EOF prefs for PSD files when updating.
• Fixed: Delete Metadata - EOF Prefs - Not working with PSD files.
• Fixed: Disabled updating IPTC (IIM) in JPEGs when multiple 0xffed JPEG markers are present.
• Fixed: Updating JPEG files on some NAS systems causes the file to "disappear".
• Fixed: Render Cache needs to discern when source image changes and disregard cached images.
• Fixed: {frame} variable does not work on HEIC files.
• Fixed: Canon 1DX mk3 CR3 file parsing.
• Fixed: F1 key/View menu behavior not consistent with ‘View by’ popup menu in the Contact Sheet toolbar. 
• Fixed:Editing GIF images creates a write-once XIP file.  Note: GIF 87a files cannot be captioned (file format doesn’t support embedding metadata).  GIF 89a files (the current standard) do support embedding metadata.  If you have trouble with a specific file, try updating it to the 89a format with your GIF authoring tools.