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Photo Mechanic Plus, build 5997
« on: August 12, 2021, 05:50:00 PM »
Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce an update to Photo Mechanic Plus for macOS and Windows.  This new build of Photo Mechanic Plus addresses a number of issues present in the 5820 build.



On macOS, Photo Mechanic Plus requires Mac OS X 10.10 or higher  If you are using a Mac with macOS 10.9.x or older, you will need to upgrade to macOS 10.10 or higher to use Photo Mechanic Plus.

On Windows, Photo Mechanic Plus, requires a 64-bit edition of Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.  If you are using Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, ME, 98 or 95, you will need to upgrade to Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 in order to use Photo Mechanic Plus.

Photo Mechanic Plus (R5997) 08/12/2021

● Added: Show Collections to which an item belongs (added to the contextual menu in the Contact Sheet and Preview windows.)
● Added: Allow more GPS coordinate formats for Map location searches.  Quick Search ‘distance within’ queries now accept virtually all GPS coordinate formats.
● Added: Flush status log messages before Scan Complete is displayed in Scan to Catalog.
● Added: New option to slideshow to only allow the Escape key to quit the slideshow.
● Added: ​​Updated Nikon and Canon lens info.
● Added: Dropbox uploader - Made sure that the new token and ID formats won't break the template.  Dropbox will be updating their access tokens and ID formats in September.  This update should address the upcoming change.
● Added: Video upload for the following services: Amazon S3, Box, DF Studio, Dropbox, FTP, FTP v6, Flickr, SFTP, SmugMug.
● Added: Option to link favicon in the PM Classic Export templates.
● Added: FTPv6 template - Made directory listing optional.
● Fixed: Catalog Sync should distinguish between offline and missing files.
● Fixed: Arrangements in Collections were broken.
● Fixed: Renaming a folder by appending new text onto the existing name fails to update the catalog correctly.
● Fixed: Scan to Catalog: now excludes all user AppData directories on Windows, all user Library directories on macOS.
● Fixed: Error while removing multiple offline items from catalog.
● Fixed: Proxy generation preference always switches to ON when Photo Mechanic Plus is restarted.
● Fixed: Catalog tabs sort filenames differently than Folder-based tabs.  Requires an upgrade of each catalog in Catalog Maintenance.
● Fixed: Catalog tabs don't sort color labels and ratings the same as folder-based tabs. Requires an upgrade of each catalog in Catalog Maintenance.
● Fixed: Reintegrate Error - can't dup NilClass error was reported.
● Fixed: Appending characters to a folder name makes the Catalog unable to find that folder when using the "Choose New Location" option.
● Fixed: Spurious needs-reintegrate status while adding items to Catalog.
● Fixed: Delay when adding to a Catalog while metadata scanning on Contact Sheet is still in progress.
● Fixed: Low Quality proxy for some offline RAW files when paired with a JPEG and using RAW Rendering via the Adobe DNG Converter.
● Fixed: Fix corruption on Samsung S10+ HEIC files when edited.
● Fixed: Applying metadata to Apple HEIC file fails.
● Fixed: Unable to read star ratings added to images in camera.
● Fixed: PhotoShelter storage quota exceeded throws exception, logs a stack trace, but may not be informing the user.  User is now informed of the issue.
● Fixed: Unified GPS Coordinate formats.  The display of GPS coordinates is now the same throughout the application.
● Fixed: Zenfolio uploader will not connect with the user's account, does not fetch groups or galleries.
● Fixed: Zenfolio uploader - now disables the Upload button until ready.
● Fixed: Some TIFF files with an alpha channel just show the alpha channel image.
● Fixed: Save as JPEG not updating file size when using the ‘to fit’ box.
● Fixed: ​​Gracefully handle cards incorrectly identified as fixed.
● Fixed: GPS not being saved for movie files.  The XMP sidecar file was not getting updated with GPS coordinates set by PM.
● Fixed: libHEIF calls abort() when it encounters an error.  It resulted in unexpected application termination.
● Fixed: Tables in the Metadata Info and Metadata Template do not evaluate code replacements.
● Fixed: Metadata edits for movies lost when editing a HEIC with the same base name as the movie file.
● Fixed: Don’t erase cards from the Sony A1 after Ingest.  Erasing the card causes this camera to have issues when the card is put back in the camera.
● Fixed: Smugmug template - allow slashes for folder and gallery names.
● Fixed: SmugMug uploader updated for compatibility with SmugMug's new RAW storage service.
● Fixed: DF Studio upload template errors when parsing XML.
● Fixed: SFTP template stalls when sending filenames with UTF-8 characters.
● Fixed: Treat JPEG files that have a HEIC extension as a JPEG file.
● Fixed: Reading format of GPS coordinates for QuickTime “location.ISO6709” values.

● Added: New audio mute toggle button to Preview video player.
● Fixed: FTP and Upload windows will not open when the user’s /etc/hosts file does not exist.

● Added: MAPI support brought back to Windows.
● Added: Progress bar on sending photos via email.
● Fixed: Snapshot menu now scales with DPI of display.

On Windows, you may see a window like the following appear when you try to install:

This is due to our recently updated code signing certificate.  As long as you see Camera Bits, Inc. as the publisher, you can trust the installer and choose "Run anyway".  In time, as our certificate gains trust by Microsoft Defender, these warnings will cease to occur.