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Photo Mechanic Plus, build 6552
« on: September 27, 2022, 01:28:11 PM »
Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce an update to Photo Mechanic Plus for macOS and Windows.  This new build of Photo Mechanic Plus addresses a number of issues present in the 6496 build.



On macOS, Photo Mechanic Plus requires Mac OS X 10.10 or higher  If you are using a Mac with macOS 10.9.5 or older, you will need to upgrade to macOS 10.10 or higher to use Photo Mechanic Plus.

On Windows, Photo Mechanic Plus requires a 64-bit edition of Windows 8 or higher.  If you are using Windows 7, or lower, you will need to upgrade to Windows 8 or higher in order to use Photo Mechanic Plus.

Photo Mechanic Plus (R6552) 09/26/2022

• Fixed: Browsing keywords that contain a quotation mark fail to produce results.
• Fixed: Anchored substring searches (start ^) not working correctly.
• Fixed: Image containing keyword starting, containing, or ending with backslash \ character not returnable in Filter or Browse tab.
• Fixed: Country Code and ISO Country Code fields no longer save variables when Metadata Template is closed and reopened.
• Added: Pagination to upload templates.
• Added: Variable {kelvin} returns Kelvin temperature in AWB (certain Nikon cameras).
• Added: Handle EXIF data with type 13 (TIFF_IFD_TYPE).
• Fixed: uploader fails to verify authentication code.
• Fixed: "Save Photos As" window always loads  'Use embedded JPEG' for "When using RAW" option from snapshot.
• Fixed: Default values for Caching and Render Cache Preferences should match suggestions.
• Fixed: Uploaders save a copy of the photos regardless of whether or not the transmission was successful.
• Fixed: Metadata update corrupts some TIFF files.
• Fixed: Retouchup uploader does not connect.
• Fixed: Contact sheets do not start at the top when replacing an existing contact sheet.

• Fixed: Dragging external drive from Navigator to Trash icon deletes files.
• Fixed: Crash when renaming metadata field labels after rearranging in Metadata Template Customization window.
• Fixed: Crash when using Undo in text fields in various dialogs (Metadata Info, Metadata Template, etc.)
• Fixed: Contact sheet window does not open if no window was open before Ingest.
• Fixed: Selecting folder from File->Open Recent does not switch to that folder if it is open in a background tab.
• Updated: MacOS Disk Image Installer UI for Dragging PM icon to Applications folder.

• Fixed: Print Settings - Contact Sheet: portions of labels not appearing.