Author Topic: Addressing performance issues on MacOS Ventura  (Read 2204 times)

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Addressing performance issues on MacOS Ventura
« on: December 21, 2022, 10:16:49 AM »
Update January 18, 2023: we have now released the official builds. Read on for more information about the issue, but you can get the builds that contain the fixes from our downloads page, through Photo Mechanic's updater, or the most recent announcement posts on this forum.

Original post:
We have new builds of Photo Mechanic that should resolve the performance issues that resulted from some of the changes that were made in MacOS Ventura. These issues were not present on all hardware configurations, so you may have experienced no issues when transitioning to MacOS Ventura. We would, however, like feedback from all Photo Mechanic users on MacOS, whether you experienced a degradation in performance or not.

Because we had to make significant changes to how Photo Mechanic draws images to the screen in order to get back the performance you have become accustomed to, we are releasing this build for a testing period before we push this as a general public release. By downloading and using this build, you are acknowledging that this is build is for testing purposes, and we ask that you report any and all issues that you encounter by sending a message to the email address below. While all of our internal testing has shown a great improvement to the performance of Photo Mechanic under MacOS Ventura with this build, it has not undergone our typical QA process, so it is possible that there are some bugs that have been introduced by the changes made to address the performance issues.

Please report any issues with this build by emailing

The test builds can be found at the following links:

*Links to pre-release builds have been removed, see update at the top of this post*

Once you open the installer, you can either install the new build as if it was any other update for Photo Mechanic, or you can install it alongside your current installation of Photo Mechanic. For Photo Mechanic 6 users, you can either Keep Both or Replace your current installation when your MacOS asks. If you Replace it and need to the current public build for any reason, you can find a link to download it on our Downloads Page. If you choose to keep both, please make sure that you are launching this new build. You can check if you are running this new build by going to the Photo Mechanic 6 or Photo Mechanic Plus menu and choosing “About Photo Mechanic (Plus) “. In the window that appears, you should see “Photo Mechanic Version (Plus Version) 6.0, build 6692”.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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