Author Topic: Contact sheet very slow. Is there a max recommended contact sheet size?  (Read 132 times)

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I'm running PM 6.0 (build 6890) on Windows 11 Pro (23H2, OS build 22631.3085). I have 64 GB of RAM. After my import I ended up having a Contact Sheet with around 7500 photos in Raw+Jpeg and it was extremely sluggish. So I split it up a bit and my largest remaining folder is still 4900 photos. I would have thought this should be a piece of cake for PM, but it's still quite sluggish and sometimes just crashes or becomes unresponsive for a while.

Is there any recommendation on what a biggest reasonable contact sheet should be that PM can handle effortlessly? Or some settings I should watch out for. I'm fairly new to PM, and had significantly smaller Contact sheets in my previous projects. Thanks for pointing me in a helpful direction.

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