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Photo Mechanic: Version 5 Build 15002
« on: October 29, 2013, 02:36:27 PM »
Hello Everyone,

A new build of Photo Mechanic 5 is now available.  This release fixes bugs present in build 13915 and adds some minor features.




PM5 Build 15002 Log

√ Turned off skinning of system-provided dialogs like the Load/Save dialogs and the Directory picker dialogs which fixes crashes some users experienced when using those dialogs from the IPTC Info and IPTC Stationery Pad dialogs.
√ Info Text Tooltips are now truncated to 1000 characters in order to avoid a runtime error in the Microsoft Foundation Class' tootip implementation:
√ Inline rename now allows renaming case-only changes.
√ "desktop.ini" files are now ignored on directory scan.
√ Setting a custom sequence number in the Disc Burning dialog now works as expected.

√ Fixed delays in using Autocomplete on Mac OS X 10.9:
√ Inline rename now allows renaming case-only changes.  Also updates are better when using tab key to rename next/previous file name.
√ Military IPTC Info dialog now reacts properly to the user clicking on the window close button.
√ Search panel text no longer becomes black on a dark background when it doesn't have focus.
√ Photo Mechanic will load an IPTC ANPA 10000 resource as a last resort if no embedded IPTC or XMP or XMP sidecar is available.
√ Made controls in the Find panel and the Find and Replace panel larger.

√ Changed Live Ingest to allow concurrent instances to use seqn variable, but warns that only the first instance will save seqn as it changes:
√ Find and Find/Replace now feature multi-line text fields so find operations can find text that spans more than one line of text.  Note: renaming text must be a single line if replacing in file names.
√ Fixed a problem in Ingest where truncating long volume names for display purposes could cause an exception:
√ Getting capture time or modification time is now consistent with the way the sort cache uses the user's metadata preference for RAW+JPEG images:
√ Cursor position in IPTC dialogs now starts out with the first field in the custom layout.  Advancement to other images while staying in the dialog leaves the cursor where it currently is.
√ Added new Help pages built into Photo Mechanic based off of the online Wiki-based Photo Mechanic: Version 5 Manual.
√ Added new PhotoShelter upload template.  It uses the new column browser that was made available for uploaders/exporters in this release.  Thanks go to the PhotoShelter team for taking over the engineering effort for the PhotoShelter uploader template.
√ Photo Mechanic will use the XMP "DateCreated" field if no Exif capture time is found
√ Added improved support for Canon EOS M, 70D, 100D, 650D, and 700D models
√ Added improved support for the Olympus E-M1 and E-P5 cameras
√ Added AF+MF auto focus mode for certain Canon models
√ Added support for PhaseOne IIQ RAW files
√ Added improved support for several Panasonic DMC camera models
√ Added a "Sequence..." button to the IPTC Stationery Pad:
√ File renaming no longer allows leading period ( . ) character which causes files on Mac OS X to be hidden.
√ Added retry capability in FTP uploader socket connection logic.
√ SmugMug Uploader template updated to work with latest upgrade to SmugMug:
√ Fixed Nikon maker note parsing beginning with D5200 and D7100 to use correct Endianness for things like frame number and ISO expansion
√ Improved support for Leica M Typ 240 camera to show large thumbnail and to show serial number and other Exif info
√ Improved check for TIFF files saved from Phase One cameras to make sure Photo Mechanic doesn't think the TIFF file is a RAW file.
√ Added ability to get serial number and image number from Phase One RAW TIF files.
√ {pixels} variable now reports number of pixels as power of 10 not power of 2
√ Added support for Canon AF + MF focus mode
√ Cursor is always positioned at the beginning of the first field when moving through photos in the IPTC Info dialog.
√ Increased the size of the crop corner resize boxes for easier resizing of crops.
√ Added built-in snapshots in the General and IPTC/XMP sections of the Preferences dialog for working with various applications.
√ Added several Canon lens models for reporting with the {lenstype} variable
√ Improved reporting of Sigma lens models with the {lenstype} variable
√ Added the {lenstypenum} or {ltnm} variable to report the lens number for Canon and Sigma lenses; this can be used to create a code replacement for translating a lens ID into a more descriptive string
√ Added a {wiredate} or {wdat} variable which evaluates to {iptcdow}, {iptcmonthnameap} {iptcday}, {iptcyear4}
√ Added the following variables for IPTC/XMP fields:
Code: [Select]
   locationtaken, lctk       sublocation taken
   citytaken, cttk           city taken
   statetaken, sttk          state taken
   countrytaken, cntk        country taken
   countrycodetaken, cctk    country code taken
   worldregiontaken, wrtk    world region taken
   sourcetype, srct          digital source type
√ Fixed problem with shutter speed not showing correctly for some cameras (e.g. GoPro Hero 3)
√ Now ignores TIFF thumbnails that are compressed by the PackBits algorithm
√ Now ignores PM Prefs string for XMP Rating when subsequently set to 0 by Lightroom
√ Fixed problem with handling of crops in DNG files saved by Lightroom
√ Fixed DNG previews to allow YCbCr photometric interpretation
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