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Photo Mechanic: Version 5 Build 15077
« on: November 11, 2013, 05:31:21 PM »
Hello Everyone,

A new build of Photo Mechanic 5 is now available.  This release fixes bugs present in build 15011 and adds some minor features.



PM5 Build 15077 Log

√ Rescan from the View menu now always forces a full rescan.


√ Info Text submenus in Contact Sheet and Preview context menus now span multiple lines correctly.
√ Favorites no longer offers "Move to Trash" on top-level favorites in its contextual menu.
√ Tasks pane items are more legible when using darker UI mode.
√ AP Custom IPTC Info dialog now resizes in width and height:
√ Fixed problems with the Info Text submenu in the Contact Sheet and Preview contextual menus:
√ Fixed contrast problems with Progress windows and Tasks panes:

√ Fixed problems when renaming a folder or the parent of a folder that was open as a contact sheet: and
√ Fixed problems rescanning a contact sheet when incomplete image files are present:
√ Fixed a problem when checking for updates on an existing legacy registration.  The web page would erroneously report that the user's updates period had expired in 2004 and would offer to download a very old version of Photo Mechanic.
√ The {ss} and {f} variables will attempt to show converted Exif APEX values if the Exif tags for Exposure Time and F Number are unavailable
√ Reverted the variables {ss} and {f} to display the older Exif tags for Exposure Time and F Number
√ Created new variables {tv} and {av} to display the APEX values for shutter speed value and aperture value.  If a photo has the newer Exif tags stored for these values then they will be displayed directly.  Otherwise they will be computed based on the older Exif tags for the camera settings
√ Created a new variable {sv} for the "film" sensitivity APEX value (based on ISO)
√ Added a variable {bv} as an alternate for {brightness} which is an APEX value. If a photo has the newer Exif tag for brightness value then it will be display directly.  Otherwise the brightness value will be computed (as in the past) based on aperture, shutter, and ISO.
√ Relative path expressions are now allowed in folder naming fields in various dialogs:
√ Added the ability to choose multiple Code Replacement text files at once:
√ Added new Reload Code Replacements command and keyboard shortcut on the Set submenu of the Edit menu:
√ Added the latest snapshot of the online manual.
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