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Photo Mechanic: Version 5 Build 13444
« on: October 16, 2012, 11:55:06 AM »
Hello everyone,

This release build fixes a number of issues present in build 13217:

√ Fixed issue with crops on soft-rotated images that are re-rendered on Capture NX show the correct crop on thumbnails but the incorrect crop on previews:
√ Fixed issue with crops on DNG files that have been re-saved in Photoshop's ACR plugin:
√ Fixed case where Color class changes were not sticking if IPTC Info was also saved:
√ Fixed issue where scaled images with constrained crops didn't always match constraint ratio:
√ Fixed an issue where RAW images cropped with the Photoshop ACR plugin that have a constrained crop ratio that doesn't match the ratio of the actual crop rectangle would cause the crop to appear rotated.
√ Fixed an issue where sequence variable changes were not staying persistent: and and
√ Using a copyright symbol in the PM Classic Exporter template now works correctly:
√ Fixed issue with setting tag, rating, or color class on Pentax RAW (.PEF) files:
√ Added new keyboard shortcuts for IPTC Info dialog (
√ Fixed an issue with parsing corrupted camera manufacturer's Maker Notes that would cause PM to crash.
√ Re-enabled the Write as Unicode checkbox in the IPTC/XMP settings.
√ Fixed an issue in the IPTC Info dialog where switching from Capture Date to Date when IPTC Info dialog is forced to use Capture Date would cause odd dates to appear.
√ Fixed an issue with saving crop presets when a constraint specifies one of the ratios as 1.0:
√ Fixed an issue with empty {frame4} variable when renaming during Ingest:
√ Fixed an issue with interpreting characters in the EXIF description and artist tags.

√ Code signing on Mac is now Mountain Lion/Gatekeeper compatible.
√ Fixed issue with deleting images on Network volumes:
√ Fixed Color Management issues:
√ Fixed Performance issues with PM 5 and Mac OS X 10.8:
√ Fixed a memory leak in table view row highlighting code.
√ Enabled RAW rendering for Pentax RAW (.PEF) files.
√ Fixed an issue with dragging images outside Photo Mechanic (Desktop, Finder window, etc.) and using modifier keys:
√ Mouse wheel scrubs on videos that haven't been started playing: (Now Command key must be held down to scrub through videos.)
√ Fixed issue with dragging and dropping images from one contact sheet to another.
√ Fixed issue with dragging and dropping RAW+JPEG pairs whose files reside in different folders but have been combined into a single contact sheet.

√ Fixed issue with tasks not drawing their progress bars correctly if they weren't the top item:
√ Added 'Light UI' option in Accessibility section of the Preferences dialog.
√ Fixed issues with the Sort popup menu in the main toolbar that would occur when more than one Custom Sort item had the exact same name.

Here are the links to the 13444 build for Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.