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Photo Mechanic: Version 5 Build 13217
« on: August 22, 2012, 11:08:51 AM »
Hello Everyone,

A new build of Photo Mechanic: Version 5 is now available.  Its build number is 13217.  You can check your build number by viewing the About dialog from within Photo Mechanic.

Download the new build:
Mac OS X 10.6.8-10.8
Windows Vista and higher

Changes in since build 13158:


Fixed IPTC Urgency Synchronization problem setting Color Class to none. (
First field in IPTC dialogs should gain focus but put cursor at beginning of field.
Fixed Code Replacement problems when using '#' in replacements.  '#' was added as a comment operator for Code Replacement files in PM 5 build 13158 and earlier. ( and
Load selection gives incorrect result message at end:
Turned off support for embedding metadata in Panasonic Lumix RAW files because certain applications could no longer parse the files once metadata was embedded into them (Photoshop CS6, CaptureOne, Apple's ImageIO).
Fixed issues with crops placed with PM 4.6.x not showing up in PM 5. (
Added a preference for working directly on camera cards.


Fixed disclosure triangle colors in Favorites/Navigator when item is highlighted. (
Command-W should now close the Preview window if it has focus. ( and
Fixed BrowseWithPhotoMechanic.service (
Deleting items quickly (with Move to Trash option on) hangs PM with progress dialog up. (
Fixed cosmetic horizontal scrolling issues with single line text fields (
Loading JPEG-compressed TIFF files no longer crashes on the Mac version.


Fixed 'The parameter is incorrect' warnings in Navigator (
Droplets submenu on Image menu is now working properly (
Fixed sound playback in Preview window (
Spell checker now works correctly
Long popup menus now are scrollable (
Compressed and/or Encrypted folders no longer draw their folder names in hard to read colors in the Navigator. (
Workspace problems with docking Favorites/Navigator/Tasks in their own outer window have been fixed. (
Fixed a memory leak in Exporter templates that use Font menus

If you find an issue, please start a new thread, list your OS and system info, list the build number from the About box, and please list the shortest set of instructions needed to reproduce the issue.


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